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NAHBS debut sparks FREE LITTLEFORD RACK drawing

In celebration of Littleford Bicycles’ Continental debut at NAHBS this February, I’m offering up one of my signature custom racks. A drawing will be held after the show, and the winner gets a rear cargo rack made just for them– built to precisely match their current ride, or along with a substantial ($400) discount on their very own Littleford bicycle!

Here’s your chance to haul the kitchen sink in style. I take pride in making nice things that work hard- and this is a level of utility and grace you just can’t buy from Tubus.

To enter just call me or send an e-mail with your preferred contact information, along with whether or not I can contact you with news about new bikes, upcoming events, etc. (OCCASIONAL news- I promise! I will not pester you with a bunch of meaningless marketing garbage or share your information with spammers, creditors, advertisers, government agencies, or even…my mom.)

I’m excited to hear from you- good luck!

-Jon Littleford