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NAHBS touring bike: front rack… cont’d

The front rack is almost complete. I just need to mount it to the cantilever bosses and stiffen it up…

Now that the rack's basic dimensions have been determined, it's time to attach it to the fork at the canti bosses. The boss mounts were fabricated from short segments of 3/8 tubing, brazed to the rack with mitered stubs of 3/16 mild steel bar, then capped with stainless steel washers. The outside washer has been filed flush to the 3/8 tubing segment.

Next the canti bosses, along with the fork crown bolt, can "fixture" the rack to the fork. Then two small reinforcement struts are mitered and brazed between the rear of the bag platforms and the bottom rail of the vertical fork crown mounting platform. (Of course, the wheel, brakes and crown race were removed for the brazing and installation.)

The complete rack mounted to the frame. Strong and lightweight, it will be able to haul up to 30 lbs of readily accessible equipment and gear.

Here is the rack loaded with some mid-sized waterproof bags that were in the shop. While these would work fine, the actual bags for it (to be custom made by Philosophy Bags of Portland, OR) will be somewhat smaller and more streamlined.


  1. C-Mac
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 10:23 am | #

    That is a fantastic design! Most trips around town, use the top rack, then when heading out of town, use the panniers. I’m impressed.

    • admin
      Posted February 27, 2011 at 7:22 pm | #

      Yes! And on the long haul the handies on top and the camera gear below…Thanks.