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Littleford cargo rack cont’d…

Now that the outer framework is complete I can move on to the smaller sub-assemblies…

First I build the bag rail sub-assembly. The front and top bends of the piece are too close together for the bender (one bend gets in the way of the other), so I build it in two parts, with joints between those two bends.

Here is a close-up of the splice. The two segments are joined with a short piece of 5/16 tubing and brazed with silver.

Next the bag rail assembly is squarely positioned inside the framework, fixtured, and brazed in place.

Then the reinforcement struts are bent, cut to length, mitered to fit, and spliced in the same fashion as the front portion of the bag rail.

With the reinforcement struts in place, I can now cut, bend, miter and install the rear cross member. It's important to bend it to just the right width and angle. If the piece is even 1/2mm too wide or narrow it will sit noticeably below or above the top plane of the rack.

Now I install four bottle bosses (to secure the Berthoud fender struts), file the joints, sand the tubing clean, and the rack is ready for paint. It can safely haul a 150 pound person and weighs just under two pounds.