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Pack it up! Touring checklist…

Well, I’ve decided to make an actual checklist of stuff to bring along. Enough wondering if I’ve forgotten something…

Here’s what I came up with:

Tools & Parts:

allen set, pump, small adjustable wrench, patch kit, levers, spoke wrench, spokes (1 ea), mini combo screwdriver

(for remote tour/ expedition add):

1 1/2″ adjustable wrench (stubby, for headset & bottom bracket tool), S & S coupling tool (stubby), chainwhip, combo cheater bar (slides onto stubby tools),  extra tube, chain tool, chain oil, cassette tool, bottom bracket tool, small needle nose vice grips, 1/2 round needle file, small 1/2 round bastard file

Shelter & Emergency:

tent & footprint or tarp kit, sleeping bag, compass,  2 (extra) 18″ bungees, 20 ft twine or cord, lighter, duct & electrical tape, super glue, mess kit, stove & fuel, bedroll

(remote etc add):

vinyl tear repair, JB weld, tent pole repair kit, hand warmer, sandpaper, tea candles, waterproof matches

Food & Personal:

small bag dried fruit, (2) 22 oz water bottles, toiletries, ibuprofen, bug spray, sunscreen

(remote etc add):

extra dried fruit & nuts, cold medicine, antihistamine, band-aids & first aid kit

Clothing & Comfort:

socks (1 pair per day up to 5), biking shorts &/or swimsuit, tee shirt (1 per 2 days up to 4), long underwear (1 set top & bottom), sandals &/0r casual shoes, woven belt, long pants, long sleeve shirt, rain gear, sunglasses

(remote etc add):

towel, swim trunks, camp pillow, long underwear +1, wool socks (1-2 pairs), sewing kit


book, cards, journal, (2) pens, camera, lenses & film

(remote etc add):

book +1, journal +1,

duct tape...check!