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Bike Themes

The titles below are themes, not particular models. Like the people who love them, every Littleford is a unique creation of both builder and client, and each is as different from the others as are the individuals riding them. See bikes in the gallery.


sport touring and randonneuring bikes

Slight and sleek, these bikes are comfortable and built to move. Thinner, lighter chromoly tubing is selected for athletic flexibility under light to moderate loads, but materials and construction are still strong enough for self-supported touring. Popular features include:

-Fully integrated, internally wired lighting, with quick disconnects for easy fork removal, and an optional Schmidt SON Deluxe SL generator hub, an incredibly efficient power supply that connects itself automatically when inserted into  the specially designed fork.

-Platform front and optional rear racks that might be minimalist or fully capable camp haulers. When the racks are removed there is little evidence of these bikes’ potential utility.


daily duty touring and utility bikes

Capable yet graceful, the all purpose touring, commuting, get-it-there bike never disappoints. It’s ready for a trip across town with a cartload of groceries, or a ride across country on a vagabond’s venture. This bike is like your friend-with-a-truck, except you don’t have to ask and it’s never too busy… ideal for unsupported, long distance travel.

As the everyday workhorses of the Littleford stable, these bikes come with stainless attachment points (here), fully integrated racks (here), and the signature overlapping seat stay design that keeps frame stiff and loads stable even when conditions are less than ideal.

The hand-painted logo (here) or brazed stainless letters (here) are representative of the care and attention put into the entire frame’s construction; to stay beautiful, strong and true even as time weathers and wears the world around it. Hello, old friend…


hard knock adversity machines

My statement¬† on indestructibility. These bikes are built to be out for months or years. Overall style is understated and overbuilt. Your best friend in the worst case scenario…

– Generous wheel clearance for both 26 inch and 700C wheels, with over an inch of clearance for 26 inch all-terrain or winter tires. Optional reversible brake bosses can accommodate either 26″ or 650B wheels.

-Stainless contact and attachment points (including the wear surfaces of the cargo racks)

-The toughest available components, like the German-built SKF bottom bracket (here), Tange’s Roller drive threaded headset (here), and tandem-strong tubing, fork and wheels.

-Multiple front brake options (canti studs plus caliper bridges) mean a damaged or broken wheel can be replaced anywhere, around the globe.

-Brooks Select (here) high mileage saddle, for years and years of Brooks-level comfort.