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In person

This is my preferred interview method. Because proper fit is so important for a bicycle, ideally you would have your current bike on hand so I can see you riding it. This way I can see your posture and riding style firsthand, and we can discuss your current bike’s fit while you’re feeling it.

Additionally, I’ll take measurements of you and possibly your current bike, and we’ll discuss at length what you are looking for, recurring fit problems you’ve had, and what frame and features will best suit your needs.

Long distance

If it isn’t possible to interview you in person we can use the phone, email, photos and even video to get me as close to you and your riding style as needed. Though it’s not as easy and direct (and personal!) as one-on-one interaction, the distance method is just as effective in getting me the information I need to make your bike.




Complete Littleford touring bicycles start at $3500. This includes:


-Custom lugged or fillet-brazed chromoly frame and fork

-Signature overlapping seat stays for unsurpassed rear load stability

-Ample clearance for touring wheels and fenders, plus bosses for bottle cages, fenders, rear and lowrider front racks

-High quality, tour-capable components

-Durable single color powder coat finish