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Complete Bikes

All Littleford bicycles are hand built in Portland, Oregon. They can come with no options, all of the options, or anything in between. Below are some sample builds, arranged by theme (Complete bikes as listed come with single color powder coat and replaceable decals):


Excursion   (A Long way to go…)

As the everyday workhorses of the Littleford stable, these bikes come with stainless attachment points (here), optional fully integrated racks (here), and the signature overlapping seat stay design that keeps frame stiff and loads stable.

Standard Tourer:       $3450

Standard Lugged frameset, Standard Touring component set.

The base model touring bike features a lugged and butted chromoly frame with clearance for fenders plus 700c x 32mm tires, all stainless attachment points, overlapping seat stays, two sets bottle bosses and front & rear rack bosses.  Paint is single color with decals. The components are basic. With the possible exception of a Nitto Technomic stem and Brooks B-17 saddle, they’re on par with what comes on a quality production touring bike.

Classic Tourer:         $4880

Classic Lugged frameset, Standard Rear rack, Classic Touring component set.

The flagship Littleford touring rig. All of the features of the standard tourer plus: U.S.-made Henry James and True Temper frame construction, internal brake cable routing, a third set of bottle bosses and integrated seat stay mounts for the (included) Standard Rear rack. Solid, high quality components (Paul, Nitto, Sugino, Velocity, Brooks).

Urban Utility:         $4825

Classic Lugless frameset, Standard Rear rack, Front Platform rack, Urban/Utility component set.

An everything bike. The frame is deluxe, with all of the Classic Touring frame perks, but the utility is in the rear and front platform racks… And in the automatic hub generated lighting. Maximum practicality, minimal cost of ownership.

Diversion    (A short time to get there…)

Slight and sleek, these bikes are comfortable and built to move. Thinner, lighter chromoly tubing is selected for athletic flexibility under light to moderate loads, but materials and construction are still strong enough for self-supported touring.

Sport Tourer:          $5225

Lightweight Lugless frameset,  Standard rear rack, and Sport Touring component set.

Perfect for minimalist touring, “credit card” touring, or long distance commutes, this bike features a lightweight chromoly frame with rack eyelets and clearance for 700x28c tires plus (included) Berthoud 700c x 40mm fenders. Component set is selected for minimal weight at a reasonable price. This bike comes equipped with an integrated  standard rear rack; the unicrown fork is equipped with bosses and eyelets for an off-the-shelf lowrider rack.

Randonneur:            $5550

Lightweight Lugged frameset, Platform Front rack, Schmidt SON SL fork, Internal Wiring, Randonneur component set.

Lightweight but classically styled lugged frame with all of the perks of the Lightweight Lugged frame plus internal wiring and an integrated custom fork to support the Schmidt SON SL (auto-connect) dynamo hub. Components are all lightweight and high quality, and include Schmidt Edelux headlight and Berthoud stainless fenders.


Expedition    (Over the wood and through the river…)

My statement  on indestructibility. These bikes are built to be out for months or years. With an overall style that is understated and overbuilt, this is your best friend in the worst case scenario.

Expedition Rig:           $5975

Expedition frame, Expedition Rear rack, Low Rider Front rack, Low Rider front and rear stainless rack surfaces, stainless chain guard, Expedition component set.

The toughest components on an even tougher all terrain, hard tail frameset. Parts are selected for durability and ease of maintenance. Frame features multiple braking options (cantilever, centerpull and/or bridge mount) for either 26 inch or 700C wheels, so replacement wheels can be found anywhere in the world. (With optional reversible canti bosses frames can accommodate 700C, 26″ or 650B wheels.)  Racks are tubular chromoly for maximum strength with additional stainless steel surface protection.


Schmidt SL & Edelux Lighting:   add   $560

For nighttime riding and maximum versatility, the Schmidt SON SL hub and Edelux light combine to make a worry free, automatic lighting system. The hub connects automatically with the fork when the wheel is inserted, and lights can be set to work automatically after sunset. Both headlight and hub are beautifully engineered, hand crafted and constructed of durable aluminum.