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S & S Couplings


           “Like wings for bikes.”

As a bike tourist, I specialize in the value of mobility. It’s my mission to provide a finely tuned and smartly engineered travel bike; one that can haul you and your gear comfortably, anywhere you want to ride. Adequately equipped, even the roughest road is a passage… so long as there is ground beneath your wheels!

Of course, this ground-beneath-the-wheels limitation means that much of the bicycle-navigable world is out of your reach without a lift. For a conventional bike this means a huge box and a big fat fee, followed by an anxious wait at the oversize baggage pick-up area, and a big mess of cardboard and chain grease as you assemble your bike at the airport (since that oversize box won’t fit inside a taxi or airport shuttle.)

S&S couplings are stronger than the tubes they connect, maintenance and worry free when they’re coupled, hassle and surcharge free when they’re not. I have them on my daily driverand I forget they’re even there… until, of course, it’s time to fly somewhere.