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“… from one night under the stars to an indefinite and unsupported multi-continental voyage.”


There are many ways to travel self-propelled, from one night under the stars to an indefinite and unsupported multi-continental voyage. Either way, the motivating desire to leave the security of home and explore some unfamiliar portion of the world is the same.

It is for this spirit of adventure that Littleford custom touring bicycles are made. They are designed and built with an emphasis on durability and usefulness, and with the realization that the beauty in good design will be enhanced, not diminished, by the inevitable signs of daily, practical use.
Bike Touring in true Littleford fashion

Bike Gallery

See what’s come out of the shop lately.
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Bike Themes

Since every Littleford bike is completely custom, there aren’t any set models. There are themes, though.
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Bells & Whistles

A bare-bones Littleford Bicycle is ready for the rough patches on your path to adventure. That said, handy options and personal touches abound.
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Custom Racks

Custom integrated racks are a key component of an optimally built touring bike. High-end production racks are as functional and strong as they can be, while still being adjustable enough to fit most any bike. Custom Littleford racks are stronger,  lighter and more rigid than production racks because of their integrated frame-specific design. They are an extension of the frame.
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Littleford custom touring bikes come in only one size: yours. That’s my mantra. My goal? To keep you comfortable for life.
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Littleford bicycles offers a great variety of high quality powder coat finishes. Currently the wet paint booth is out of commission, and may soon be retired. I can gladly make outside arrangements for a high quality wet paint finish, though there are substantial wait times so it may take awhile. I do still offer hand painted lug lining, lettering and other accents, but final clear coat will need to be outsourced as above.